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Welcome to Indian Wildlife

The amount of wildlife diversity existing in India is really stupendous. Each state in india is bestowed with what is called unique species. It is better to say that that particular plant or animals is specific to that state. It has more than 100 national parks and 13 bioreserves. What makes Indian wild life unique is that we have them for all climatic condition.The vegetation in India are varied starting from Tropical rain Forest, Subtropical Rain Forest, Moist Deciduous Forest, Dry Deciduous Forest, Thorn Forest, Swamp Forest, Coastal forest, Montane forest, sub Montane forest and ends in sub alpine forest and alpine forest. In such condition the plant and animal species diverse and plenty.
Endangered and extinct: But the Indian wild life is in danger now. Due to the expansion of humans civilization into the forest area and demand of land has destroyed the very nature and exotic wild life in India. Man has erased forest for his own purpose and disturbed the food chain and tropic level. Some of the species that have gone extinct are pink headed duck, Himalayan quail. The royal Bengal tiger are mere 1000 in population. They are the pride of India. Their livelihoods have been endangered and are at the verge of extinction.

Wildlife projects: Government of India has initiated various projects to protect the endangered species. Most important among them is project tiger and project elephant. Fund and forest policy have been formulated to promote wild life in india.