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Welcome to Holy Rivers

River are the prayed upon and considered sacred in India. It flows in million India heart with spirit of mysticism and woven into the rich religious fabric of nation. Ganga, Yamuna is nothing but religious sentiments in the northern India. These rivers cannot be separated from their religious connections.

Rivers in India are mainly two types, the Himalayan and peninsular rivers. The Himalayan Rivers are perennial and are feed by glaciers and descent down the mighty Himalaya. Other way round the peninsular rivers is monsoonal and seasonal. They flow when the rain falls and becomes dry when rain stops. Most of the northern irrigational projects depend on the Himalayan Rivers and multipurpose projects are based on their outflow. Rivers are the lifeline for the agriculture growth and most of the settlements are riverine and coastal. From the might Ganga in the north to the Cauvery in the south; is the life line for humans..

They maintain biodiversity and are niche for rare plants and animals including microorganism. They play very important part of our ecosystem and maintain ecological balance.