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Welcome to Hill Station

The British during the colonial era found India to hot to handle. They wanted some respite from the scorching heat and the dirty roads. Hence, mushroomed the idea of hill station on the mountainous areas of Indian sub continent. It was the British who nursed the concept summer retreat to the hill stations.

Today hill stations are one of the best couple retreat zones in India. There is a uniform spatial arrangement of this divine retreat all over India.

Famous among them are ooty, kodaikalan, dharmasal, Dalhousie, nainital. Kullu, manali, mount abu, almora, horlsey valley, Darjeeling, siliguri. Nestled in the cozy mountains and with unblemished nature hill station is rejuvenating. It is also a perfect get way for adventure junkies who want to throw some adrenalin rush into their life. Trekking, parasailing, skiing and rock climbing makes your heart to sore and pump blood like steam engine pistons. One can make a living in the hill station just by training these junkies to fly and ski.

But the hilly environment is changing and rush to people during the peak season has broken the principle of sustainable development and the hill station have been reduced to mere dirty pictures. The ambience is infected with poisonous gas and unpredictable climate. But we still have the time to save our precious summer retreat